Work Package 1

The relation between competences for innovation and education for the unforeseen

Our starting point will be to review research within educational science on the unforeseen and we will endeavour to find concepts within innovation research which might supplement the educational research and assist us in taking this educational research a step closer to practical application. Main research questions to be answered in this workpackage are:

1. Can research on innovation supplement research on educating for the unforeseen?

2. To what extent do insights from education for the unforeseen appear to be relevant for specific

timeframes and related phases in a sustainability transition?

3. What suggestions do theories from education for the unforeseen, theories of innovation and

anticipation provide to support for stimulating learning at work and in transition processes?

Task 1: Develop a search strategy for finding relevant research literature from education and innovation studies and a model for classifying and analysing relevant findings.

Task 2: Identify and analyse research literature with emphasis on pedagogical practice and facilitation of competence development for unforeseen events.