work package 3

Assessing competence and understanding of the unforeseen at work

This WP will attempt to dig a bit deeper than WP 2 and will select a few organisations in the public and private sector with 5 in-depth case studies. We will examine the following themes:

1. How employers and employees interpret the concept of the unforeseen

2. How they work with competence development

3. What kind of learning environments exist in the different workplaces?

4. What opportunities are there for formal and informal learning on the unforeseen.

We will use qualitative methods, such as interviews and workshops with managers and employees and studies of available documentation. We will use the framework developed in the UN-Meth project as a starting point for developing our interview guide. We have also planned an interview with Nonaka and will draw upon his experience in planning this work package.

Task 1 – Selection of relevant cases and development of interview guides

Task 2- Interview with Nonaka

Task 3- Organise Futures literacy laboratories with participants from selected case studies (at least three)

Task 4 – Data gathering and analysis